Track Equipment, Help Medical
Centers Run

Get updates on equipment location and status instantly.

Medical Equipment Tracking

Medical centers have a wide range of assets that are critical for patient care and facility operations.

Without an asset tracking system, departments hoard equipment, staff is prone to miscommunication and the facility loses time and money on inefficient processes.

ItemAware ensures staff has the tools they need, when they need them. Unlimited user access provides all staff the ability to see items and their locations. With an intuitive and accessible tracking system, medical facilities realize huge savings on efficiencies.

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Keep Quantities

With real-time inventories.

Eliminate usage waste by knowing quantities and locations of items in real-time. Adjust amounts of equipment on hand, immediately, with a fully visible inventory.

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Labor Costs

With automated inventorying.

Use your highly-skilled workforce for what they’ve been trained to do. ItemAware automates the inventory process, ensuring this chore is done quickly, without taxing your personnel.


By tracking clean vs. used.

Designate areas for clean vs. used equipment and track an item’s location history to prevent cross-contamination.

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Train Staff Easily

With intuitive prompts.

ItemAware’s clear organization and concise descriptions make it easy to learn and use.

Pass Audits

With easy-to-run reports.

Our easy dashboard and reporting tools make audits less daunting by keeping item information at your fingertips.

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Flag broken items

With color-coded statuses.

ItemAware’s asset view and report function allow users to flag items for maintenance before they disrupt workflow or impact patient care.


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Show the location of an item.

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Choke Points

Reduce theft and item misplacement with automatic scanning.

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Set your own alerts. Get notified when an item leaves or arrives in a location.

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Record when an item was moved, who inventoried it, repairs, etc.

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User Access

Determine the capabilities of each user in the software.

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View and edit an item’s status: active, broken, in storage, etc. Keep notes of specific item details.


From Wayne Healthcare


IT Assets Tracked




Within 1 Year

Inventory Now Requires

1 Employee

Instead of 4 Contracted Workers

Inventory Now Requires


Instead of of 3 full days

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    “We’re proud to be pioneers at the community hospital level and expect we’ll find other uses for AIDC [automatic identification and data capture] in the near future.”

    Shelton Monger

    CIO + Corporate Compliance Officer, Wayne Healthcare

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    “The technician simply enters each room and the reader picks up everything that’s in the room. No line-of-sight is required. It’s no longer the incredible chore it once was.”

    Shelton Monger

    CIO + Corporate Compliance Officer, Wayne Healthcare